enum Spectator::RunFlags


Toggles indicating how the test spec should execute.

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Enum Members

FailFast = 1

Indicates whether the test should abort on first failure.

FailBlank = 2

Indicates whether the test should fail if there are no examples.

DryRun = 4

Indicates whether the test should be done as a dry-run. Examples won't run, but the output will show that they did.

Randomize = 8

Indicates whether examples run in a random order.

Profile = 16

Indicates whether timing information should be generated.

Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Object

should(matcher, message = nil) should, should_eventually(matcher, message = nil) should_eventually, should_never(matcher, message = nil) should_never, should_not(matcher, message = nil) should_not

Instance Method Detail

def dry_run? #

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def fail_blank? #

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def fail_fast? #

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def none? #

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def profile? #

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def randomize? #

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