class Spectator::PendingExampleBuilder


Constructs pending examples. Call #build to produce an Example.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Spectator::NodeBuilder

build(parent = nil) build

Instance methods inherited from class Object

should(matcher, message = nil) should, should_eventually(matcher, message = nil) should_eventually, should_never(matcher, message = nil) should_never, should_not(matcher, message = nil) should_not

Constructor Detail

def : String? = nil, location : Location? = nil, metadata : Metadata =, reason : String? = nil) #

Creates the builder. The name, location, and metadata will be applied to the Example produced by #build. A default reason can be given in case the user didn't provide one.

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Instance Method Detail

def build(parent = nil) #

Constructs an example with previously defined attributes. The parent is an already constructed example group to nest the new example under. It can be nil if the new example won't have a parent.

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