class Spectator::Formatting::TAPFormatter


Produces TAP output from test results. See: Version 12 of the specification is used.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Spectator::Formatting::Formatter

close close, dump_failures(_notification) dump_failures, dump_pending(_notification) dump_pending, dump_profile(_notification) dump_profile, dump_summary(_notification) dump_summary, example_error(_notification) example_error, example_failed(_notification) example_failed, example_finished(_notification) example_finished, example_passed(_notification) example_passed, example_pending(_notification) example_pending, example_started(_notification) example_started, message(_notification) message, start(_notification) start, start_dump start_dump, stop stop

Instance methods inherited from class Object

should(matcher : Spectator::Matchers::TypeMatcher(U), message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__) forall U
should(matcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__)
, should_eventually(matcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__) should_eventually, should_never(matcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__) should_never, should_not(matcher : Spectator::Matchers::TypeMatcher(U), message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__) forall U
should_not(matcher : Spectator::Matchers::NilMatcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__)
should_not(matcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__)

Constructor Detail

def : IO = STDOUT) #

Creates the formatter.

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Instance Method Detail

def dump_profile(notification) #

Invoked after testing completes with profiling information.

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def dump_summary(notification) #

Invoked after testing completes with summarized information from the test suite.

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def example_error(notification) #

Invoked after an example fails from an unexpected error.

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def example_failed(notification) #

Invoked after an example fails.

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def example_finished(_notification) #

Invoked just after an example completes.

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def example_passed(notification) #

Invoked after an example completes successfully.

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def example_pending(notification) #

Invoked after an example is skipped or marked as pending.

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def message(notification) #

Called whenever the example or framework produces a message. This is typically used for logging.

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def start(notification) #

Invoked when the test suite begins.

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