struct Spectator::Formatting::Components::Totals


Displays counts for each type of example result (pass, fail, error, pending).

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should(matcher : Spectator::Matchers::TypeMatcher(U), message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__) forall U
should(matcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__)
, should_eventually(matcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__) should_eventually, should_never(matcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__) should_never, should_not(matcher : Spectator::Matchers::TypeMatcher(U), message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__) forall U
should_not(matcher : Spectator::Matchers::NilMatcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__)
should_not(matcher, message = nil, *, _file = __FILE__, _line = __LINE__)

Constructor Detail

def : Int32, failures : Int32, errors : Int32, pending : Int32) #

Creates the component with the specified counts.

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def #

Creates the component by pulling numbers from counts.

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Class Method Detail

def self.colorize(counts) #

Creates the component, but colors it whether there were pending or failed results. The component will be red if there were failures (or errors), yellow if there were pending/skipped tests, and green if everything passed.

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Instance Method Detail

def to_s(io : IO) : Nil #

Writes the counts to the output.

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