struct Gloop::VertexArray::Current


References the currently bound vertex array for a context.

This type should be used if direct state access (DSA) isn't available.

NOTE The currently bound vertex array is always referenced. If another vertex array is bound, then this will reference the newly bound instance.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : Gloop::Context) #

Creates a resource associated with a context.

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Instance Method Detail

def attributes : Gloop::Attributes #

Information for all attributes in the bound vertex array.

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def bind_attribute(attribute : Gloop::Attribute, to slot : UInt32) #

Ties an attribute to a binding slot (index) to be associated with a vertex buffer.

See: #bind_vertex_buffer

  • OpenGL function: glVertexAttribBinding
  • OpenGL version: 4.3

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def bind_vertex_buffer(buffer : Buffer, to slot : UInt32, offset : Size, stride : Int32) #

Ties a vertex buffer to a binding slot (index) to be associated with an attribute.

See: #bind_attribute

  • OpenGL function: glBindVertexBuffer
  • OpenGL version: 4.3

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def bindings : CurrentBindings #

Information about vertex buffer and attribute binding slots.

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def bound? #

Checks if there is a vertex array currently bound.

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def unbind : Nil #

Unbinds any previously bound vertex array from the context.

  • OpenGL function: glBindVertexArray
  • OpenGL version: 3.0

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