enum Gloop::Texture::Target


Types and binding targets of textures.

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Enum Members

Texture1D = 3552_u32
Texture2D = 3553_u32
Texture3D = 32879_u32
Texture1DArray = 35864_u32
Texture2DArray = 35866_u32
Rectangle = 34037_u32
CubeMap = 34067_u32
CubeMapArray = 36873_u32
Buffer = 35882_u32
MultiSample2D = 37120_u32
MultiSample2DArray = 37122_u32


Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def self.new(value : Symbol) #

Creates a texture type from a symbol.

This is intended to be used as a workaround for Crystal's limitations and auto-generated names.

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Instance Method Detail

def buffer? #

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def cube_map? #

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def cube_map_array? #

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def multi_sample2_d? #

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def multi_sample2_d_array? #

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def rectangle? #

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def texture1_d? #

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def texture1_d_array? #

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def texture2_d? #

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def texture2_d_array? #

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def texture3_d? #

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def to_unsafe #

Converts to an OpenGL enum.

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