enum Gloop::Debug::Type


Debug message sources.

Defined in:


Enum Members

DontCare = 4352_u32

Used for filtering messages.

Error = 33356_u32

An error occurred.

DeprecatedBehavior = 33357_u32

Behavior marked as deprecated has been used.

UndefinedBehavior = 33358_u32

Something invoked undefined behavior.

Portability = 33359_u32

Non-portable functionality has been used.

Performance = 33360_u32

Possible non-performant code has been detected.

Marker = 33384_u32

Command stream annotation.

PushGroup = 33385_u32

Debug group has been pushed.

PopGroup = 33386_u32

Debug group has been popped.

Other = 33361_u32

None of the above.

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def deprecated_behavior? #

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def dont_care? #

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def error? #

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def marker? #

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def other? #

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def performance? #

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def pop_group? #

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def portability? #

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def push_group? #

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def to_unsafe #

Converts to an OpenGL enum.

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def undefined_behavior? #

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