enum Gloop::Debug::Source


Debug message sources.

Defined in:


Enum Members

DontCare = 4352_u32

Used for filtering messages.

API = 33350_u32

OpenGL API call.

WindowSystem = 33351_u32

Window system API.

ShaderCompiler = 33352_u32

Shader compiler.

ThirdParty = 33353_u32

Application associated with OpenGL.

Application = 33354_u32

Client generated.

Other = 33355_u32

None of the above.

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def api? #

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def application? #

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def dont_care? #

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def other? #

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def shader_compiler? #

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def third_party? #

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def to_unsafe #

Converts to an OpenGL enum.

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def window_system? #

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