struct Gloop::Debug::Message


Debug information received from OpenGL.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : Source, type : Type, id : UInt32, severity : Severity, message : String) #

Creates a new message intended to be sent to the OpenGL debug message queue.

The source indicates where the message came from. It should be Source::Application or Source::ThirdParty.

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Instance Method Detail

def id : UInt32 #

Message ID.

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def insert(context) : Nil #

Inserts this debug message into the specified context.

  • OpenGL function: glDebugMessageInsert
  • OpenGL version: 4.3

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def message : String #

Text in the message.

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def severity : Severity #

Importance of the message.

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def source : Source #

Source that produced the message.

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def to_s(io) #

Produces a log-like string from the contents of the debug message.

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def type : Type #

Type of message.

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