enum Gloop::Context::Flags


Features of an OpenGL context.

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Enum Members

ForwardCompatible = 1_u32

The context is forward compatible.

Any features marked as deprecated in the version after this context's will be unavailable.

Debug = 2_u32

Additional information for developers is provided.

RobustAccess = 4_u32

Memory access is restricted to defined regions.

Attempting to access out-of-bounds memory will result in well-defined results. Such accesses will never abnormally terminate the program or step on other processes. Conflicts with NoError.

NoError = 8_u32

All error handling is disabled.

No errors will be reported by OpenGL except for out-of-memory errors. Conflicts with RobustAccess.

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def debug? #

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def forward_compatible? #

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def no_error? #

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def none? #

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def robust_access? #

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def to_unsafe #

Converts to an OpenGL enum.

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