enum Gloop::Buffer::AccessMask


Options for mapping a subset of a buffer.

Defined in:


Enum Members

Read = 1_u32
Write = 2_u32
InvalidateRange = 4_u32
InvalidateBuffer = 8_u32
FlushExplicit = 16_u32
Unsynchronized = 32_u32
Persistent = 64_u32
Coherent = 128_u32

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def coherent? #

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def flush_explicit? #

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def invalidate_buffer? #

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def invalidate_range? #

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def none? #

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def persistent? #

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def read? #

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def read_only? #

Indicates whether the mapped data will be read-only with the selected flags.

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def to_unsafe #

Converts to an OpenGL enum.

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def unsynchronized? #

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def write? #

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