class Espresso::VersionUnavailableError


Error indicating the requested OpenGL (or OpenGL ES) version is not available on this machine. This also includes any requested context or framebuffer hints.

The machine does not support your requirements. If your application is sufficiently flexible, downgrade your requirements and try again. Otherwise, inform the user that their machine does not match your requirements.

Future invalid OpenGL and OpenGL ES versions, for example OpenGL 4.8 if 5.0 comes out before the 4.x series gets that far, also fail with this error and not InvalidValueError, because GLFW cannot know what future versions will exist.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Espresso::GLFWError

code : LibGLFW::ErrorCode code

Instance Method Detail

def code : LibGLFW::ErrorCode #

Underlying value that represents the error type.

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