struct Espresso::Cursor


Custom or standard cursor to display the mouse's location in a window.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def self.arrow : self #

Creates a standard Arrow cursor shape.

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def self.crosshair : self #

Creates a standard Crosshair cursor shape.

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def self.h_resize : self #

Creates a standard HResize cursor shape.

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def self.hand : self #

Creates a standard Hand cursor shape.

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def self.i_beam : self #

Creates a standard IBeam cursor shape.

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def, x = 0, y = 0) #

Creates a new custom cursor from an image.

Specify the cursor's appearance with the image argument. The x and y arguments specify the cursor's hot-spot.

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def self.standard(type) : self #

Creates a cursor from one of the standard shapes. See CursorShape for available options.

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def self.v_resize : self #

Creates a standard VResize cursor shape.

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Instance Method Detail

def destroy! #

Destroys the cursor and releases any resources it used. If the cursor is current for any window, that window will revert to the default cursor. This does not affect the cursor mode. All remaining cursors are destroyed when Espresso#terminate is called.

Do not attempt to use the cursor after destroying it.

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def to_unsafe : LibGLFW::Cursor #

Returns the underlying GLFW cursor pointer.

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